How do I submit a ticket for support?

In order to receive help from support the quickest, you should submit a ticket in the game itself:

  • Open the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen while in the game.
  • Tap the green mail icon next to Support

This will open up our ticket submission page which also has various articles (for example the one you are currently reading) and FAQ about the game. You can access more articles by clicking the banner.

  • Fill out your Email Address, Subject, and a detailed description of your problem. 
  • Select the reason for the submission, and please attach any screenshots related to the issue you're writing about. 

Sending a ticket in this way through the game will provide us a lot of information we typically request from players (User ID, device make and model, etc), so it saves both you and us time by reducing back-and-forth communication.

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